Misleading Information of Online Marketing

Online marketing is the tendency to make a publicity for own products sales through internet or related websites. Certainly, through development of so many years, online marketing begin to tend to Systematization with related marketing ways. The functions of online marketing need to be realized through one or more online marketing ways. Besides the registration of search engines, the commonly used online marketing methods include keyword search, online advertising, TMTW pay-for-call advertising, exchange links, information release, integrated marketing, mailing list, licensed E-mail marketing, personalized marketing. Membership marketing, viral marketing and so on. Certainly, we may search related concrete operation about these ways through search engine. By this time we analyze some misleading information of online marketing below,

The first misunderstand

People often say “build websites to help companies make money”. This sentence itself is no problem, but it is wrong in most people’s understanding of A website will certainly be able to make money if we build it”. In fact, the construction of websites by enterprises only represents the first step for enterprises to launch network marketing. With website, there is a chance to display products and display services through the Internet. But in the many websites of internet, how to build your brand and let more people know about your products and services is the core problem that network marketing really needs to solve.

The second misunderstand

People often say “Online advertising is the network marketing”. Playing advertisements on websites is only a way of network promotion in the network marketing system, and is only the tiny parts of the network marketing system. Successful network marketing is not only one or two network promotion, but also a new sales system which integrates brand planning, advertising design, network technology, sales management and marketing. We should have a thoughtful and comprehensive plan, with accurate and effective implementation, in order to get the desired effect.


The third misunderstand

Someone is able to say “Small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the strength to do network marketing”. On the contrary, small and medium-sized enterprises are fully capable of doing network marketing, but lack of awareness. Compared with the traditional way of publicity (traditional marketing), network marketing is the most inexpensive and suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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