Pantheon in Italy(I)

Travel gives us good mood and wide vision. Let us know about this world as not only limit in your living circles. Certainly, you also would like to try the flavor meal in other countries, right? Meanwhile, you will find different culture from foreign countries. Well, for Pantheon in Italy, a famous and wonderful building, always attract the tourists from worldwide. By this time, let us know about Pantheon’s charm and unique.Click Home


The Pantheon is the only fully preserved building of the Roman Empire, click here which was built between 27 and 25 B.C. The Pantheon has an astonishing 2000-year history and is now a church. It is the best preserved monument in Rome and one of the most influential buildings in the Western world. Built by Hadrian over Marcus Agrippa’s earlier 27 BC temple. It has stood since about 125 A.D., and although its grey, bestrewing hard spots appearance looks very old, it is still a unique and exciting experience to pass through a huge bronze door and gaze at the largest unreinforced concrete dome that it was built. The Pantheon, a derivation of the Greek words pan (all) and theos (god), but it was consecrated as a Christian church in A.D. 608 and at the present it is officially known as the Basilica Di Santa Maria Ad Martyres.

click here Most of the Pantheon was destroyed by the fire in A.D. 80 Only one rectangular Colonnade with 16 of granite pillars with 12.5 meters high was used as the portico of the Pantheon which was later rebuilt. On the top of the porch were inscribed memorial inscriptions of the early construction period. From the eight huge columns on the front of the gallery, we can still see the original Pantheon. Building scale.

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