Beam type crane

Beam type crane. It can be used in rectangular space and above, and is used for loading and unloading of goods in workshops, warehouses, open storage yards, etc. There are beam cranes, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, cable cranes, carrier bridges, etc.gantry crane manufacturers

1.bridge cranes:

A bridge crane is a type of bridge crane that runs on an elevated rail, also known as a crane. The bridge of the bridge crane runs longitudinally along the rails laid on the elevated rails on both sides. The lifting trolley runs transversely along the track laid on the bridge to form a rectangular working range, so that the space under the bridge can be fully utilized to lift the materials. Obstructed by ground equipment.

Bridge cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, terminals and open storage yards. Bridge cranes can be divided into three types: ordinary bridge cranes, simple beam bridge cranes and metallurgical special bridge cranes.

Beam type crane

Ordinary bridge cranes generally consist of a lifting trolley, a bridge running mechanism, and a bridge metal structure. The lifting trolley is composed of a lifting mechanism, a trolley running mechanism and a small frame.

The hoisting mechanism includes an electric motor, a brake, a reducer, a reel, and a pulley block. The motor drives the reel through the reducer to rotate the reel, and the wire rope is wound around the reel or lowered from the reel to lift and lower the weight. The small frame is a support and a frame for mounting components such as a hoisting mechanism and a trolley running mechanism, usually a welded structure.

2.beam crane: beam crane mainly includes single girder bridge crane and double girder bridge crane

The main beam of the single-girder bridge crane bridge adopts the combination section of I-shaped steel or steel type and steel plate. Lifting trolleys are often assembled with chain hoists, electric hoists or hoists as components of the hoisting mechanism.

According to the bridge support type and suspension type. The former bridge runs along the crane track on the vehicle beam; the latter bridge runs along the crane track suspended under the factory roof. Single girder bridge cranes are divided into manual and electric. Manual single-girder bridge cranes have lower working speed and smaller lifting capacity, but their own quality is small, which is easy to organize production and low in cost. When used without power supply, the amount of transportation is small, and the speed and productivity are not high. The occasion. The manual single girder bridge crane adopts the manual monorail trolley as the running trolley, and the chain hoist is used as the hoisting mechanism. The bridge frame is composed of the main beam and the end beam. The main beam is usually made of single I-beam, and the end beam is welded with steel or bent steel.electric cable hoist manufacturer

The electric single-girder bridge crane has higher working speed and productivity than manual ones, and its lifting capacity is also large. The electric single girder bridge crane is composed of a bridge frame, a cart running mechanism, an electric hoist and electrical equipment.

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