PSH lifting and navigating leaving framework

PSH lifting and navigating leaving framework hardware utilizes the stacking plate to lift or cross the vehicle. Each parking spot has a vehicle board parking system equipment manufacturer. The top-level stacking board just plays out the lifting activity, and the center layer stacking board can be crossed and lifted, and the ground-level conveying board must be navigated.

A hole is left between the center layer and the ground floor, and the opportunity can be changed left and ideal with the navigating of the bearer board, so the top or center layer transporter board comparing to the center layer and the empty floor is brought down to the ground, so the vehicle enters or drives Out of the parking spot. For ground-level vehicles, vehicles can drive straightforwardly into or out of the parking spot.

PSH lifting and navigating stopping hardware Features:

1.The gear lifting framework receives the wire rope four-point hanging type, which is steady and dependable, and has low commotion.

2.There are different structures, the scale can be enormous or little, and the flexibility to the site is solid, successfully sparing area and space.

3.The development cost is low, the gear is sheltered and solid, and the upkeep cost is low; the hardware can be separately joined to adjust to various landscapes and spaces.

4.It can be utilized for the development of office carports and living quarters.bridge crane available to be purchased

5.PLC must be insightful control, can meet the various needs of transitory and short, medium and long haul clients.

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