The Unpopular but Interesting Tourist Attractions(I)

Mai Chau

If you are a nature lover and came to Hanoi, you must go to Mai Chau. Maizhou, located in the southwestern part of Hanoi, is about 160 kilometers from Hanoi and takes about 6 hours. As the car gradually enters the mountainous area, the local villages are visible along the road, and the air is fresh and there is a quiet pastoral scene. Mai Chau is a beautiful valley. Coming to a small village nestled in the mountains, it seems that we have came to another world, the place away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. The green rice fields are dotted with rows of houses. There are no large-scale people and tourists here, only a few passengers riding bicycles and some local people in the village.

The house here is made of bamboo and wood, and each house is about 1 meter above the ground, which is said to prevent flooding and animal intrusion. Living with the hospitable white people. When you came to Mai Chau, you must use your valuable time to climb the mountain, there is a hole in the mountain, called ”Thousand Step Cave”. The night here is also colorful, we can join in the local folk performance. From October to November each year, it will be submerged in a large golden sea of rice. Among the many travel destinations in Vietnam, Mai Chau is not too special, and there are not many tourists, but if you want to choose the best eco-tourism destination in the world, then Mai Chau will undoubtedly be on the list.

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