The Great Olympic Games

The Great Olympic Games (Greek: Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες French: Jeux olympiques; English: Olympic Games) referred to as the “Olympic” is the largest comprehensive Games hosted by the International Olympic Committee in the world, every four years, normally no more than 16 days, is the world’s most influential games and sports event. It is divided into Summer Olympic Games, Summer Paralympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Winter Paralympic Games, Summer Youth Olympic Games, Winter Youth Olympic Games, World Summer Special Olympic Games, World Winter Special Olympic Games. The summer Olympic Games for the deaf and the Winter Olympics for the deaf.

Profile of Olympic Games

  • The Olympic Games are under the guidance of Olympism, with sports and the quadrennial Olympic as celebration. Olympic Games contents promotes the all-round development of human physiology, psychology and social morality, communicating the mutual understanding among people of all countries, popularizing Olympism and safeguarding world peace as an international community movement.


  • On June 23, 1894, when Le baron Pierre De Coubertin, a French educator honored as the “father of the Olympics”, and 79 representatives from 12 countries decided to establish the International Olympic Committee and initiate the Olympic Movement together, this feat was once the object of irony. Today, one hundred years later, the Olympic Games have become a festival of universal celebration, and the Olympic Movement has attracted the active participation of 202 countries and regions.


  • The Olympic Movement is a rare masterpiece of human society. It exerts various functions of sports incisively and vividly, and its influence goes far beyond the scope of sports. It has exerted a series of impacts that can not be ignored in many aspects such as politics, economy, philosophy, culture, art and news media in the contemporary world.


  • The Olympic Movement is the product of the age. The Industrial Revolution has greatly expanded the economic, political and cultural links among the races of the world. The contacts between each countries are becoming closer and closer. It is urgent to strengthen international understanding through various means of communication. The Olympic Movement is just to meet the needs of this society, and is the inevitable outcome of the development of human society to a certain stage.


  • The Youth Olympic Games is an international event for young people. It is the highest comprehensive sporting event for young people in the world. The age limit for competitors is set at 14 to 18 years old. Most of the events are the same as the Olympic Games, but a few are different. The Youth Olympic Games is held by every four years, the Summer Youth Olympic Games longest almost 12 days.

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Mulan Paddock in China

Qing Dynasty Royal Hunting Garden – Mulan Paddock, is located in the northeast of Hebei Province (Chengde Paddock Manchu Mongolian Autonomous County), where is in Inner Mongolia, where since ancient times is always a beautiful grassland for animal breeding. I had a chance to visit to this beautiful and splendid landscape area and felt its natural scenery. By this time let me introduce about this pretty nature Mulan Paddock to everyone plan to travel in China.


Form of Paddock

Historically, the Mulan Paddock is mainly consisted of three scenic spots: Saihanba National Forest Park, Yudaokou Grassland Forest Scenic Area and Hongsongwa Nature Reserve.

  • Saihanba National Forest Park

It is the largest forest park in northern China. The Mongolian language is called “Sakhanda Bahan Sechin”, which means beautiful ridges. In the Qing Dynasty, it was part of the famous Mulan Paddock (Wei Chang), one of the royal hunting grounds. The total area of Forest Park is 1.42 million mu (unit), of which 1.06 million mu (unit) is forest landscape, 200,000 mu (unit in China) is grassland landscape, and the forest coverage rate is 75.2%. The unique climate and long history have created the special natural and cultural landscape here. There are many kinds of plants and animals in Saihanba National Forest Park. There are higher level plants belonging to 312 genera, 81 families, 659 species. There are 11 families and 25 species of mammals with roe deer as the main species. There are 88 species of birds belonging to 27 families with black piano chicken as the main species.

  • Yudaokou Grassland Forest Scenic Area

It is with a total area of 1,000 square kilometers and an altitude of 1,230 to 1,820 meters, the plateau climate of cold temperate zone and continental monsoon, the scenic spot has 700,000 mu (unit) of primitive grassland, 200,000 mu (unit) of wetland, 500,000 mu (unit) of natural secondary forest, 21 natural freshwater lakes, 47 springs and 13 rivers and streams, which is one of the birthplaces of the Luanhe River.


  • Hongsongwa Nature Reserve

Its total area is about 7300 hectares. It belongs to the cold temperate monsoon climate, the summer climate is cool, and the maximum temperature is generally not more than 25 degree Celsius.


The area of Hongsongwa is 1.1 million mu (unit), the grassland area is 200,000 mu (unit), and the forest coverage rate is as high as 78%. It is a large grassland scenic spot in the north of the county. There are many kinds of animals and plants here.

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Great Migration of East African Animals

The great grassland of Tanzania of East Africa gradually has been exhausted since June of every year, so the foods are less than ordinary time. For food, grassland animals of East Africa travel more than 3,000 kilometers to perform the most spectacular animal migration on Earth. For great migration of east African animals in every year, let me lead you all into Sept., 2016. Millions of animal troops had been rolling over the vast grasslands, with spectacle and great momentum. These grassland animals migrated from southern Serengeti Park in Tanzania to the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya.

General Situation of Migration

Millions of wildebeests, hundreds of thousands of zebras and antelopes have traveled more than 3,000 kilometers from the Serengeti Reserve in Tanzania forward to north, ending in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. In meantime, these grassland animals not only must cross the grasslands where lions and leopards lie in ambush, but they should also be on guard against jackals and crocodiles gathering on both sides of the narrow Mala River. These carnivores are ready to share the coming feast at the time of every year.


After reaching the destination as just two or three months, due to climate change, the expedition of more than two million herbivorous wildlife will once again go back to Serengeti in seeking of grass as food. Of the millions of migrants, only 30% of the lucky ones are able to return to their places of origin in every year, and average of 400,000 new lives have been born along with them on a thrilling journey.

Process of Migration

From December to May of each year, African herbivores always relax in the Reserve of Serengeti National Park. There are abundant plants and water that provide enough food for them.


Africa’s Serengeti National Park has had its dry season since mid-to-late May, when the park’s water and grasses cannot meet the needs of a large number of herbivores, so herbivores migrate to northwest of Serengeti to catch up with the grass and water. Every June is the breast-feeding season for African animals, at which time a large number of small wildebeests are born on the migratory path, so big migrations are absolutely difficult for these small animals.


By July and August of each year, the continuous drought has threatened the lives of animals seriously, so a large number of animals have had to cross the Mala River to Masai Mara, this situation will continue until September of each year.


Since October, East Africa’s Serengeti great grassland has had a rainy season again, and the grass is turning green with rain. At the same time, with only about a tenth of the area of Serengeti, Masai Mara National Park is not enough to sustain a large number of herbivores. So the animals started moving southward from the east to Serengeti, and the whole process will last about a month. Basically, it ends in December each year.

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About Foreign Trade Terms

Nowadays, the most of companies from different countries have joined in international trade action (namely Foreign trade). However, related foreign trade business there are a lot of expertise and tricks we may apply during business negotiation to realize successful deal with foreigner buyers. As often, the most of businessman and merchants do not consider about utilization of foreign trade terms and only focus on lowering price of products for their oversea customers. So the most of time negotiation of business will be kind of deadlock. So how to break the deadlock of negotiation is very important for every representative of foreign trade no matter you work in import and export companies or in factories. Hereby, according to main foreign trade terms FOB, CRF and CIF, let us know how change the impasse to good opportunity.

Basic terms to know

FOB, Free on Board which means there is duty pass from sellers to buyers when the sellers deliver the goods to specified port of shipment and goods on the board of vessel. Meanwhile, as sellers, they do not need to pay for related fees such as freight fee, fee of chartering space and so on.


CFR, Cost and Freight which means the sellers have to pay freight fee for this batch of goods which the buyers purchase and others are as same as FOB term. Well, this is quite same expecting freight fee by the sellers.


CIF, Cost, Insurance and Freight which means the sellers are in charge of paying about Freight fee, Insurance fee for this batch of goods. Meanwhile, the risk of cargo loss is bear by the buyers after the cargo on the board of vessel.

How to use these terms for negotiation

These three of terms are very simple and popular for the foreign trade enterprises in every countries because of its easy process and low risk. As often the factory always advertise own by its quality of products, good service after sale, advanced technology for producing, and large scale of workshops and factories and so on. However, they forget to apply these foreign trade terms skillfully. Because even of your products are good and service are professional, as oversea buyers they seldom know about your situation as not domestic factories. Sometimes they will cancel the order for only a little bit profit and benefits; or they will ignore your these advantages of factories as pity freight fee adding into their cost.


According to my opinion and experience, I suggest that sometimes you may offer oversea buyers extra a bit benefits such as FOB term changing to CFR term, meanwhile you keep the quotation as same as you send as initial one. It means you try to attract the buyers by freight fee or an insurance fee. This is really good job after you try often.

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The Louvre Museum

The largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, France, is also the largest in the world. So what is it? The Louvre Museum (French Musée du Louvre). Certainly, it is also the central landmark of the city. In France, there are so many famous historical relic and building, meanwhile the Louvre museum is one of the most famous ancient building not only in France, but it is also well known around the world. So let us know about Louvre museum detailedly, let us know the history at that time.


It is located on the right bank of Seine river, ranking top 1 of the world’s four museums, and other 3 of museums are separately as British Museum, New York Museum, Russian Museum. It covers an area of about 198 hectares and is divided into old and new parts. The pyramidal glass entrance in front of the palace covers an area of 24 hectares. It was designed by Chinese architect Mr. Ieoh Ming Pei. In August 10, 1793, The Le Louvre Museum Art Gallery was officially opened to the outside world and became a museum.


Le Louvre Museum has become a world-famous art palace, one of the greatest treasures of art, the palace of countless treasures as being the focus of world attention. The palace was built in 1204, at that time it was only the castle of Philip Augustus’s palace (Philip II of France). The palace is famous for its rich collection of classical paintings and sculptures, and is one of the most precious buildings in the French Renaissance. The Louvre is divided into six parts: Greek and Roman Art Museum, Egyptian Art Museum, Oriental Art Museum, Painting Museum, Carving Museum and Decorative Art Museum.


In 1204, during the Crusade (Cruciata in Latin), Philip II of France built a castle on the Seine river to defend Paris on the North bank, where he kept Royal records and treasures, as well as his dogs and prisoners of war. It was then called the Louvre. During Charles V, the Louvre was used as a palace, making it a completely different building. Over the next 350 years, as the Royal aristocracy became increasingly demanding for pleasure, they continued to build magnificent towers and fancy and delicate rooms. However, in the following 150 years, there was no king living in Le Louvre Museum.


In the middle of 16th Century, after François I ( François de Angouléme) succeeded to the throne, he demolished the palace. He ordered the architect Pierre Lesko to rebuild the palace on the basis of the original castle. During the reign of Henry IV, he spent 13 years building the Grand Gallery, the most spectacular part of the Louvre.


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Good shopping malls in Subang Jaya

Malaysia, absolutely it will be tourist paradise. The most of tourists will travel to Malaysia to enjoy its tropical environment with beach, sea, sun bath, delicious local food, Sea food, various tropical fruits and shopping in free tax shops. Certainly, referring to shopping it should be famous in capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur city because of many shopping malls such as Time Square, B.B Plaza, KLCC Shopping Center and Mid Valley Megamall and so on. However, by this time, I will lead you to know another important city Subang Jaya. Because there are still many good shopping malls there. Let us have a look below,

One City

It is located around Putra Heights off of the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong high-speed way, providing series of retail stores, food and beverage booths, entertainment service outlets, cinemas. Actually it is divided into 3 parts such as Sky Park, the Garden Shoppe and the Place. Meanwhile, the sky park is on the 10th floor and features rooftop restaurants, a glass floor. You may appreciate the city landscapes and feel a dizzying sight of a ten storey drop. The Garden Shoppe, it is such like a garden landscape setting. All facilities set in this pretty garden and offer worthy services, a lot of restaurants with local delicacies, famous international brand stores, jewellery, accessories exquisite stores and some of fashion apparels booths and kiosks. The Place mainly is provided with entertainment outlets and some retails.

Empire Shopping Gallery

Empire shopping gallery, it is a fashion lifestyle mall in Subang Jaya. According to statistical data, there are over more 180 stores inside. This shopping center only was built with six floor mall but design as elegant structure with pretty outdoor landscapes. According to its rectangular shape of structure, it is featured as a simple layout so that you may see across the mall from end to another end clearly. Good roof design will let much natural light in and making whole mall to feel bright and airy.

The Summit

It is the biggest shopping mall in Subang Jaya and the summit is situated at the diamond interchange of Subang USJ, with Menara Summit office tower, the Summit Hotel Subang USJ. So it is formed as a business-cum-entertainment hub. In the shopping mall there is the GSC Cinema to play the latest movie, and Century Club karaoke lounges, all located on the 3rd floor. Certainly, the necessary fashion retail outlets and stores, Sports shops and related booths, kiosks will be all around in this shopping mall as layout in every floors.

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Tools of Indoor Plants

The most of people like green, like plants because it will make people to feel comfortable, quiet and the main reason is about decoration of scenes. Meanwhile, indoor plants will show this feature obviously. When you prepare some indoor plants (or houseplants) to ornament your home as putting them on appropriate position, you may find that is amazing to your house design. Absolutely let you feel joyful and always with good mood during this kinds of environment which be surrounded by indoor plants. However, if you plan to prepare some good indoor plants and care them very well, as my kind suggestion, you should prepare enough professional tools. Certainly, the most of these tools are steel material so I recommend to you that stainless steel should be your best choice because of its good quality without rust issue and durable feature. Well, about tools of indoor plants, let me tell you what exactly you have to prepare below,

Self-watering Pot

This is basic tool for houseplants. Because the most of white-collar or lazy men do not hope to care its plants every day, self-watering pot will help you to water your plants as saving your the most of time.

Indoor watering Can

Potted flowers or Potted plants is usually equipped with a watering can. Generally there are two types of watering can such as fixed long-billed watering can, knock down long-billed watering pot. Even if you own self-watering pot, you have to buy one indoor watering can because you have to fill the water into pot periodically.


Actually indoor pruners divide into two categories, one is the pruner with spring, another one is the pruner without spring. Its feature and function is mainly to help you to cut unnecessary stems and light branches from indoor plants.

Hand Transplanter

It is very useful to transplant and avoid to hurt the cute and delicate plants. Certainly, transplanting seedling also applied hand transplanter.

Hand Fork

Perhaps the most of people have no idea about hand fork usage. Let me tell you what exactly hand fork does. Actually this is quiet different between outdoor plants and indoor plants. Normally we use hand fork to release soil inside pot so that we may fertilize it easily and make the plants intake the nutrients easily. Certainly, sometimes we also use hand fork to clear up and sort out the root of plants.

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